Interdisciplinary Collaboration in the Creative Arts: Pedagogical Reflections and Possibilities from a Faculty Learning Community

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Rhonda Pettit Rita Kumar H. Michael Sanders David Freeman David Hartz


In 2014-15, the authors and other faculty participated in a Creative Arts Faculty Learning Community in which each of them collaborated with at least one other individual outside of their discipline to generate a creative work of writing, image, music, three-dimensional piece, or combination thereof. Their goal was to complete the work during the fall and early spring semesters in time for an exhibition and performance in late March and early April. Following a review of literature addressing interdisciplinary collaboration, two of the faculty teams describe their projects and reflect on possible applications for teaching generated by their experiences. Observations about interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, as well as broader conclusions are offered.

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Rhonda Pettit, UC Blue Ash College

Rhonda Pettit, Ph.D., is professor of English at UC Blue Ash College where she teaches writing and literature courses, including creative writing and Liberal Arts FYE, and is editor of the Blue Ash Review (print edition). She is the author of A Gendered Collision (2000) and editor of The Critical Waltz (2005), both books focused on the writing of Dorothy Parker. Her creative work includes a poetic drama produced at the 2010 Cincinnati Fringe Festival, The Global Lovers, and a chapbook, Fetal Waters (2012), as well as poems published in journals and anthologies. Two poems and an essay, as well as the Blue Ash Review under her editorship, have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


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