Editorial: The Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning, Its Continuing Growth and Future Directions. Discussing.

Ruth Benander, Deborah Page


In the fall 2016 issue of The Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching, Bryan, Hall and Heuther reviewed the history of the University of Cincinnati’s Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning (AFTL).  In this editorial, they asked key questions about the achievements of the AFTL and its place in the university.  These key questions echo concerns of faculty development and the value of teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in the academy that continue to be asked by teaching and learning centers in academia. Bryan, Hall, and Heuther (2016) ask how the AFTL has raised the status of teaching at the university, developed relationships with other faculty development organizations, and cultivated support in the university administration.  At the root of these questions is whether the AFTL is being effective in its mission to place students at the center, grow research excellence in the scholarship of teaching and learning, achieve academic excellence, and forge key relationships that advance pedagogy at the University of Cincinnati.


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Bryan J., Hall, W., and Huether, C. (2016). The Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning, Its Origins and Future Directions. Discuss. The Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching 1(1): 1-9.

Center for Excellence in eLearning (2016). The Center for Excellence in eLearning. Retrieved from https://www.uc.edu/provost/initiatives/elearning/excellence.html


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