Sharpening the Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning’s Vision: How do we strengthen our brand? A response to “The Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning, Its Origins and Future Directions. Discussing,” by Ruth Benander and Deborah Page

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Ruth Benander Deborah Page Brenda Refaei Rita Kumar


In the editorial by Bryan, Hall and Heuther (2016), these founding members of the Academy for Fellows of Teaching and Learning (AFTL) at the University of Cincinnati asked how the AFTL has raised the status of teaching at the university, developed relationships with other faculty development organizations, and cultivated support in the university administration. In a response to this 2016 reflection on the progress of the AFTL, Benander and Page (2017) responded by outlining the challenges to the AFTL distinguishing itself from the other faculty development organizations at the university. Benander and Page suggested that the AFTL develop a unique voice in the discussion. They suggested more active membership participation to support teaching in their departmental RPT processes, pursue participation in provostal initiatives to promote excellence in teaching, and cultivate a unique contribution to faculty development not covered by other organizations at the university. Perhaps a more consistent vision of what the AFTL can do in the realm of SoTL might better focus AFTL efforts or spur more participation on the part of the membership. Until this vision is better focused such that more active participation in AFTL meetings and programming can result in more visible activities, the AFTL will remain an honorary funding source rather than rise as a force for innovative teaching.

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