Enhancing Engagement: Can Distance Learning Classrooms Empower the Introverted Student?

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Marianne Raley


Despite a reputation for quiet studiousness, introverts may find the face-to-face classroom a particularly unwelcoming and chaotic environment for learning. The distance learning platform provides a unique opportunity to enhance the achievement of introverted students while promoting in-depth consideration of the learning objectives without disruption. Success in a distance learning classroom may provide more positive associations and confidence regarding the educational process. While more research needs to be done to explore whether introverted students have higher completion rates and scores using distance learning than a traditional classroom experience, it does appear to be a promising development for those students who prefer a lower stimuli environment where their contributions can be as significant as those of their extroverted peers. Though traditionally viewed as having fewer desirable skills, introverts typically score well in academic environments and can thrive in leadership positions. Exhibiting preferences for written communications and tendencies toward careful deliberation can help introverts succeed as leaders in many professional fields. Providing greater educational opportunity for these individuals may ensure that their academic and professional contributions are not overlooked.

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