Participation Ethics

Visible Language relies primarily upon the integrity of author(s) submitting work. However, Visible Language reviewers will make every effort to ensure reported research follows best research and publication practices. Visible Language will report in the journal all instances of proven research misconduct of which we become aware in articles we publish and will not knowingly publish and work based on research misconduct.   

Visible Language will note any changes to a published article. A Correction notice will be published when an article has been corrected due to a minor error or omission which does not affect the substantial findings of the article, such as a mislabeled Table. An Expression of Concern Notice will be placed by any article where major errors or misconduct are suspected but not proven. Visible Language will retract any article proven by responsible authorities to have major flaws such as those based on fraud, deception, or research misconduct. Visible Language will retract any article found to contain plagiarism or that has been previously published. A Notice of Retraction, stating who is retracting the article and reasons for retraction, will be published in the next printed journal and promptly published on-line with a link to the retracted article which will be clearly labeled as “Retracted.” The Editorial Board will ascertain which type of correction, minor or major, is required on a case-by-case basis.  

After consultation with an article’s author(s), Visible Language may publish an author(s)’ Addendum to an article when subsequent findings impact the assertions of the author(s) original article.  

Visible Language may, after consultation with a disputed article’s author(s), publish a Letter to the Editor from those who make an expert, reasoned, and empirically supported argument disputing an article’s findings.  

Articles with authorial disputes but whose findings are not disputed may be Retracted or Corrected, after consultation with the author(s).